About Us

Arabickeyboardonline.com started the project in 2024 by a team of enthusiasts who had rich experience building user-centric digital products and platforms globally. We discovered that despite skyrocketing Arabic internet adoption, content creation remained hindered by lack of solutions for seamless Arabic typing online.

For most Arabic speakers, communicating online brings frustration. English keyboards and standard device interfaces severely limit Arabic script and grammar flexibility essential for conveying context.
We realized that Arabic is facing a grave identity crisis in the digital landscape despite its rich history of world contributions in sciences, philosophy and the arts. Ready Arabic language solutions get dwarfed by English’s dominance. Change needed championing.

We assembled a crew of keyboard interface experts, web developers, Arabic linguists and user feedback analysts to produce testing prototypes. Our team crafted designs keeping complex Arabic grammar rules, language learning science and minimalist cool aesthetics at the core.